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1. Eileeninspired by the great Eileen Ivers.

2. Elzic's Farewelltraditional American tune arr. by The Moxie Strings.

3. Hi, I'm Helen- traditional and original reels dedicated to our producer, Steve "Helen" Phillips, of The Elders. 

4. East of Herefeaturing the electric cello and audio effects pedals.

5. Day of the Donutfeaturing the electric cello and loop pedal.

6. Michigrass Settraditional bluegrass tunes arr. by The Moxie Strings. 

7. Go in Beautywritten in celebration of the 5-string fiddle. This album's moment of gratitude. 

8. Stir-Crazy- single released October 2015. Taught in schools all over the country. 

9. Skinny's Set- in memory of a dear friend's brother. 

10. The Pop Tune- the Moxie Strings' commentary on 21st century pop music. 

11. The Lover's Waltzwritten by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason. Arr. by The Moxie Strings. Piano by Alison Lynn. 

12. Short Fuse- Featuring Fritz McGirr on Drum kit.

13. The Pigeon's Apron- Traditional Irish reel, The Mason's Apron, followed by Moxie's Pigeon-Holed. 


E i l e e n 


September 2, 2016

S t i r - C r a z y 


October 13, 2016


r u n n i n g   i n   s q u a r e s  (2014)

1. fireside

2. rocky road to dublin/ on the fritz

3. smile on/ 3 ft. deep

4. untitled

5. running in squares

6. kilkenny set

7. comin' in hot

8. carter country

9. featherbone

10. neil gow's lament for the death of his second wife

11. jerusalem ridge

12. math problems

13. ramnee ceilidh


T h e   M o x i e   S T R I N G S  (2012)

1. Two Pears Dancing

2. Drowsy Maggie/Sidetracked

3. Cooley's Reel/ I Dug It

4. Airport

5. We Sail at Dawn

6. Looped

7. Ava's Lullaby

8. A-Major/ Stoney Lonesome

9. Man of the House/ Master Crowley's

10. Remembering SC

11. Rusty Rock

12. Holiday Reel




1. St Anne's Reel

2. Catharsis

3. Mother's Day Waltz

4. Looped

5. St. Kilda Wedding

6. Lover's Waltz

7. Ramnee Ceilidh

Bonus Tracks: 

8. We Sail at Dawn

9.Two Pears Dancing