the moxie strings


"Strings  CAN!"

By introducing young string players to new genres, styles, and techniques, The Moxie Strings help students begin to explore their instruments as a vehicle of creativity, and open the door to becoming great musicians, not just great classical players. The band delivers their message in a fun, accessible way, and stands before students as the illustration of the many opportunities that music holds!  
Learn more by clicking the compilation video below, or by viewing this recent television special: 

"One of my 5th graders said it best: 
'best orchestra class EVER!'"
         -Carol johnson, Orchestra Director at Jenison Middle School

"The future of music could not be in better hands." 

-current magazine

In addition to being seasoned performers, Diana and Alison have extensive teaching experience and hold degrees in music and music education. They've spent much time researching the introduction of improvisation and composition to classical string students of all ages, and have developed a series of activities to make instrumental creativity fun, comfortable, and accessible. 

"My students were so energized by the clinic that we started an alternative styles club!"
                                -Ann Marie Jones, Orchestra director, traverse city west high school

The Art of Musical Improvisation: A Fairfax TV Special

The Moxie Strings' clinics can be adapted to reach all age groups and can vary in length and content.  Clinics can include, but are not limited to:
  • Learning by ear            
  • Improvisation                
  • Rock, Blues or Fiddle Styles
  • Arranging                   
  • An Evening Concert 
  • Recruitment/Retention Concerts         
  • Tune-writing
  • Music Theory
  • A Moxie Strings performance
  • Orchestral Arrangements
  • Composition
  • FUN

The Moxie Strings would love to work 
  with you and your students